Earthrise|First Impact - Sci-Fi FPS MMO Background

Since yesterday we opened the doors for everyone, just tell your friends and play.

Be AWARE: THIS GAME IS IN ALPHA STAGE and might contain a variety of bugs. We are working hard to improve it. Play the game if you are interested in participating in the ongoing development process. The Game is still in development and do not show the final Gameplay and Content.

The new SalVitas

SalVitas: the hub of trade and the center of political life, the capital of Enterra is one of the few reasonably safe places in the world. At first glance it‘s a friendly and high-tech city with wharves for large cargo ships. All the raw materials and resources that are shipped in and out of Enterra must pass through SalVitas. This great wealth not only attracts traders, but also smugglers and other shady characters, but they alone aren’t the real threat to the peace in SalVitas. An invisible web of intrigue and hostility permeates the city; whoever controls SalVitas rules the whole of Enterra and its resources. That’s why the big corporations are doing all in their power to assert their own interests and bring the city under their control. The world government has managed to prevent them from achieving their dubious aims up to now, but the question is: for how much longer? 

As the last versions required manual update, this is the last one where you require manually downloading and installing the launcher.

To update the launcher go to the Account Website and download the client installation at the bottom.

This will install the latest launcher without losing the downloaded files if you keep the installation at the same place where you previously installed the game.

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